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Frequently Asked Questions about ProductScope AI and it's tools.

1. What is ProductScope AI?

ProductScope AI offers AI-powered Product Design & Marketing Tools enabling e-commerce brands or marketers to quickly produce visually appealing product creatives, gain customer insights or produce SEO-optimized listing copy in seconds to amplify their reach, conversions and sales.

TL;DR you can:

📸 Create Instagram-worthy photos for any product with the click of a button for use on social media, websites or even emails.

⚡ Gain unique customer Insights & craft fully Optimized Amazon listings in seconds to improve conversions and sales.

2. How does the AI Photoshoot Tool work?

ProductScope’s AI Photoshoot tool turns boring product images into beautiful marketing assets in just seconds for social media/websites/amazon or emails. You can upload your product images and then use our AI to seamlessly transport it into any lifestyle setting of your choice either using our Pre-set themes or custom scenes.

You can also upload your own branded scenes or backgrounds to guide our AI to build “on-brand” visuals for your products. The AI Editor allows you to easily edit generated photos by removing defects/objects or even adding objects via the Magic Redraw feature. Our AI model can add shadows and reflections naturally making the end result “Instagram-ready” :)

You can find examples in our gallery.

Here's a quick demo video 📹

Detailed walkthrough showing how to use our AI Product Photoshoot tool can be found in this blog post:

3. Who is the AI Photoshoot Tool for?

Our AI Photoshoot tool can be used by any e-commerce brand or marketer irrespective of their marketplace whether it be Shopify, Amazon, Website, Etsy, etc. The output photos you generate can be used across your social media, on your website or listings and even in email as we support multiple resolutions and aspect ratios.

4. How does the Listing Optimizer Tool work?

Our Listing Optimizer is currently only built for Amazon Sellers (we hope to add other platforms in the near future!). It crafts product listings that are SEO optimized as well as centered around your customers’ needs and desires via unique customer insights analyzed directly from your Amazon reviews. By harnessing the power of customer reviews and demographic data, the listing optimizer will tailor your listing’s Title, Bullets, Product Description, Subject Matter fields and Backend search terms all for you in minutes and in a way that resonates deeply with your target audience. You can either use our AI to find your primary keywords or copy paste it from your existing Keyword Research tool of choice.

5. What is the Customer Insights Tool used for?

The Customer Insights Extension & Web Application grab insights across the following 6 data points:

ProductScope AI’s Voice of Customer (VoC) Analysis utilizes Artificial Intelligence to analyze Amazon reviews, transforming them into meaningful insights about customer demographics, intent, sentiment, and motivation. This provides a comprehensive Amazon voice of the customer understanding, which can help shape your product development and market positioning strategies.

  1. Customer Profile - The "Who", "What", "Where" and "Why" for your product based on your customers reviews

  2. Pro Sentiments - Insights showcasing the positive sentiments of the ASIN product

  3. Con Sentiments - Insights showcasing the negative sentiments of the ASIN product

  4. Product Features - Features of the product taken directly from customer reviews in their language

  5. Buyer Motivations - these are the reasons the customers are buying the product

  6. Product Improvement Suggestions - Insights into what the customers are wanting or expecting the product to include or offer in order to be valued more

Just hop onto your (or .ca or .uk) product detail page (i.e.,{ASIN}), click on our chrome extension (it looks like an orange bumblebee), and you can run Analyze Reviews to grab your customer insights, then you can choose to open up any other web tool directly from the extension. You can also grab the Amazon main image into our AI Photoshoot tool or optimize the listing directly from the Chrome extention as its fully paired with our Web app tools!

6. How much does the ProductScope AI Tools cost?

You can find our latest pricing here.

7. Who owns the images, customer insights or optimized listings I generate?

You! You own the images, insights and listing copy you generate and are free to use it as you wish.

8. What is the free chrome extension for?

The Chrome Extension for ProductScope AI streamlines the process of gathering customer insights and product information from Amazon listings directly into its core app. It runs sentiment analysis on Amazon product reviews in order to grab unique insights such as product pros/cons, purchase motivations and product features, etc. These insights are then sent to our core app to be used within the Amazon Listing Optimizer to further enhance the product listings with these rich insights. The Extension also makes it easy to grab an Amazon product Main image directly from Amazon and bring it into our AI Photoshoot tool with a single click, making it super handy for creating lifestyle images in a flash. The Chrome Extension is completely free to use.

9. What If I don't sell on Amazon?

Totally fine, while all our tools are integrated they can also be purchased and used separately. Our AI Photoshoot tool is for any e-commerce brand and not limited to Amazon sellers only so you could just subscribe for the Starter or Pro AI Photoshoot plans and would only be billed for that tool.

10. Getting Started and what's in the Free Tier Account

You can get started with a completely free account here. Optionally if you’re an Amazon seller and would like to get customer insights or use the listing optimizer, we recommend adding our free chrome extension here. (Note: only available for Chrome and Brave browsers currently).

With the Free Tier account you can get your first 40 photos or 1 Amazon Listing Optimization free.

See you on the inside! ❤️

Peace, love & to better converting products,

Vijay Jacob Founder, ProductScope AI P.S: Here's 2 ways I can help you today: 1. Want help amplifying your brand's visibility & conversions with AI, book a call here. 2. Want help scaling your brand with smarter advertising on Amazon, get a free Ad Audit here.

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